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Field Noise Transmissions is a newsletter about the world of sound. It includes commentary and historical perspective on sonic issues in the news, embedded field recordings and other interesting audio tidbits, podcast and music recommendations, and discussions of the craft of recording and producing audio—including behind-the-scenes notes on the Field Noise podcast.

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There is a growing body of academics, artists, activists, and everyday citizens thinking about how sound shapes our collective experiences and impacts human and non-human environments. At the same time, a growing group of producers and storytellers are making digital audio documentaries, especially in the form of podcasts. This newsletter is about the noise in the world, the noise of the sonic media industry, and (sometimes) how those things might be related.

Right now the newsletter does not have a paid subscription, but in the future it might. When it does, subscribing helps me fund this project and helps you get the freshest noise news delivered straight to your inbox. And paying subscribers will get bonus content, including a subscribers-only podcast feed.

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Sound and sound technologies impact an amazingly wide swath of our modern lives. Field Noise Transmissions aims to highlight stories of how and why that happens. Subscribing adds your voice to our community of listeners, literally—by commenting right here on the Substack website. My goal is to build a community of listeners.

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A newsletter about the politics of sound and the craft of producing audio, including brief field recordings, interviews, and podcast recommendations.